Welcome to Cafe-Restaurant Mangez Mangez

Here you will find an excellent choice of home made muffins and baked goods, breakfast wraps and baguettes, excellent Italian style Espresso and specialty drinks.

We have a good selection of sandwiches and Panini made daily on the premises using fresh ingredients and no preservatives. Every sandwich meat (except Proschutto) is carefully baked and sliced by us to keep its freshness.

We also offer three choices of soups and one stew or Chili. Again, all are prepared by our staff and as of now, we are rotating about 24 different recipes.

Come, see for yourself!


We have a great space available for your next private party.

If you are looking for a place to host a reunion for your family and friends or any important business occasion then MangezMangez is the perfect place for you.Let us host your next business meeting and help make it a real success!
We are flexible to meet your business needs as well. The available equipment includes the following:
screen, LCD projector, Internet access.

For more information on private business functions or other ocasions, please contact us to arrange a tour of Mangez Mangez Cafe-Restaurant.

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Address: #120 - 1100 Mellvile Street, Vancouver

Tel: 604 669 4142

Fax: 604 669 4841